Spirituality Questionnaire

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If you are considering how seeing a spiritual director or companion can dovetail with counseling for depression, anxiety, decision-making, loss, healing and forgiveness, you may find it helpful to bring me “up to speed” before we meet, by thinking about how you would answer these spirituality questions:

shapeimage_21. I’m spiritual and wish I could ‘get more’ from my religion. For example:

2.Let me tell you about the God I don’t believe in:

3. Words that appeal to me are: (examples: wholeness, centered, holiness, authenticity, peace, forgiveness, trust, faith, healing, meaning, redemption, freedom, mystery…)

4. I pray/don’t pray/am not sure how or why or for what to pray because of some experiences and beliefs I’ve had:

5. I believe my life has a purpose or destiny, even though I have free will…discerning how to live both is a challenge for me…

6. I have had a “dark night of the soul”…

7. If God were coming for a visit just with me, I’d want to talk about…