Forgiving, seeking forgiveness, in a wounded world

Forgiving, seeking forgiveness, in a wounded world…  Between gassings in Syria, rape, mutilation and murder in India and recall elections by folks who can’t stand that the majority voted against gun slinging in Colorado last November, I get angry and lose faith in human decency sometimes.  Add to that the news tidbit that one third of the world’s food is wasted due to ‘consumer mishandling’ and I get annoyed at myself too.  The human condition Continue Reading →

A Letter to Gov. Hickenlooper

A Letter to Gov. Hickenlooper…  Dear Gov. Hickenlooper, I know this letter is unlikely to reach you personally, but I hope a staffer reads and conveys that part of my message that persuades you to abolish capital punishment in Colorado. In the meantime, I fervently hope you will commute the sentence of Nathan Dunlap to life imprisonment. And, if the wheels of government cannot turn fast enough for the abolition of the death penalty in Continue Reading →

About Nature & Grace Journal


About Nature & Grace Journal… Hello! This blog began as a quarterly print journal made on my home computer in 1996. Nature and Grace Journal was 4 pages, then 8, in small print with sidebars for the season’s worth of thoughts on the ‘God and us’ situation. I’d make a hundred copies at Kinko’s and plant them in the back of the church I belonged to then. By the third issue I had 35 paying subscribers, Continue Reading →