Welcome to Spiritually-Integrative Therapy with Laura Thor

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Laura_LeavesA “Soul Friend” is a traditional term for a spiritual director, listener, or counselor who helps you keep spiritual integrity while addressing problems and challenges in living.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Doctor of Ministry in interfaith pastoral therapy, I assist you to sort out and heal concerns like these:

  • knowing the difference between clinical depression or a Dark Night of the Soul
  • keeping bipolar illness from inducing spiritual self-inflation
  • tending to personal holiness as wholeness, without shame or perfectionism
  • setting good boundaries while being a generous person
  • sensing “what ‘God’ wants me to do” by listening to your inmost self–your ‘soul’ more than to your ego’s agenda of fears and demands
  • giving up perfectionism and accepting what’s ‘good enough’
  • exploring forgiveness–of self, of others, of God

Spiritually-integrative psychotherapy weaves together both clinical knowledge of stress and mental dis-ease, and the insights and grace of your spiritual tradition. The goal is your spiritual and psychological health, with an ongoing attention to our human tendency to try to control everything instead of trusting in God’s love and care.  We depend on God and yet, we are responsible to co-create our lives.  As they say in AA: we can’t push the river. But we can learn to swim, build a boat, or a bridge. (Maybe God is the river, and we must let ourselves float?)

I focus on interfaith pastoral psychotherapy, and am well grounded in a dialectical, “progressive-conserving” theological approach to problems in living and mental health. My clinical specialties are with spiritually-minded people suffering from Mood Disorders, Anxiety, or toxic shame. This is my personal means of engaging in what Christians call social justice, and Jews call tikkun olam, “repair of the world.” My vocation is to witness your work at accepting and blessing yourself, whom God has lovingly and wondrously created.

My Philosophy of Care

Spiritual values serve us in life’s decision-making, coping, healing, and yearning to be fully alive in the joy God intends, even in the natural suffering and losses in life. In our work together, you may revisit with “new ears” your biblical and religious/spiritual  heritage, whose characters are more like yourself than you knew. We may practice prayer and mindfulness. We can explore forgiveness, what it is, what it’s not, and how it’s rich and deep with power to heal.  We might discuss how anti-depressants and other medications work and how to talk to your physician about whether you could benefit from their use. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a cognitive approach using mindfulness and the deep spirituality of accepting what is while discerning what can be changed.

As a spiritually-integrative, clinically trained, seasoned therapist I aim to help you trust the Holy One Who is present in everything and everyone you encounter. Together we collaborate in seeking that One.

Shalom, and Shalem: May Peace and Wholeness be yours.

Call Laura at 720-283-3933, or email her: laura.thor@hush.com

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